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For All Your Woodly Possessions


At 352 Woodworks, we take pride in our handcrafted, unique woodworking pieces that will add warmth to any room in your home. My passion for this craft stems from a long line of creative makers. My grandfather owned a contracting business since the early 1960s, and many others in my family have continued that trade on top of crafting furniture and art. This passion has been a part of my life since an early age, and now I am bringing that passion to you.



We are passionate about blending beauty and functionality using locally sourced and ethically reclaimed wood. Our mission is to handcraft pieces that become defining features of your home. Each piece of art we create is unique, and we want you to be able to proudly display it and USE it. We believe in the value of functional art and ethical practices, and this is reflected in everything we do.

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Gainesville, Florida


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